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My name is Manasa./ I am 15| I reblog and like anything I see that I like.| Well my blog is mostly about vampire diaries, tollywood, the tomorrow people, and pretty much everything else is just whatever.|Oh also I am a BIG FAN OF R5. R5er. Love them so so much @R5

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and like a blink of an eye,

the Delena fandom has awakened



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Tamanna Bhatia in Nishka Lulla


If you love an R5 boy, and he’s looking hella cute and you’re fangirling, come talk to me, cuz girl we are in this together.

*baby crying*

Luke Mitchell did a ice bucket challenge. O.o

He nominated Nate Buzolic. O.o

He knows Nathaniel Buzolic. O.o

That’s the problem with people today: they’ve lost faith. And in that loss, they no longer know who they should fear.
— Kol Mikaelson {TVD} (via bellexsadique)